4+ Application for Changing Subject in English

Friends, today we have written an Application for Changing Subject. we have written various types of Changing Subject applications for school and college students.

Application for Changing Subject in English

New Application for Changing Subject in English for class 8,9,10,11 & 12 students.

Write an Application to Your Principal for Changing Subject

The Principal

College/school name….

Subject: Application for Changing Subject


Respectfully I beg to say that i am a student of class 11th A of your school, I had taken biology at the time of admission, But i am unable to continue with biology.

So Kindly change my subject from biology to arts.

Thank you Sir

Date : 20/02/20…

Yours Obediently
Name : Sumit Sharma
Class : 11th A

Sample Application to College Principal for the Change of Subjects

The Principal
Govt. senior secondary school
Bhilwara, rajasthan

Subject: Application for Changing Subject


With due respect, I beg to state that I am the student of b.com 1st Semester studying in your college.

I selected “business administration” as my subject but now as I do not feel interested in business administration and I have decided to change my elective subject from business administration to Economics.

Therefore I would like to request you kindly grant me permission to change my subject.

Thank you

Date : 30/05/20…

Yours Faithfully
Dinesh sharma
B.com 1s year

Application for Changing Stream in Class 11

The Principal
Ravindra Public School
MG Road, Delhi

Subject: Application for Changing Stream


Most respectfully I beg to say that I offered science and mathematics in the month of july 2020. I attended the class for a month. Now i feel that i can not pass with these subjects.

I therefore request you to allow me to offer home science and drawing cart groups in place of science and mathematics.

I shall be Highly obliged.

Thank you

Date : 08/03/20…

Yours Obediently
Name: deepak Gupta
Class: 11th A

Application for Subject Change by Student

The Principal

DVM Public School,
Didwana, Rajasthan

Subject: Application for Changing Subject


With due respect and humble submission to say that I am Vijay Kumar of class 10th. I took computer science as my optional subject and I hoped that I would obtain high marks in it but now computer science seems difficult and I am not sure to achieve good marks in the board examinations.

I think that Hindi will be better for me and my future success.

Therefore, I request you to change my optional subject from computer science to Hindi so that can go on with my studies without any problem.

Thank you

Date : 15/09/20…

Yours Obediently
Name : Rahul verma
Class : 10th

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